Voices from DARPA Podcast Episode 68: Space Manufacturing

by tashan

A view of a science chamber from the Rhodium DARPA Biomanufacturing 01 investigation, which examines gravity’s effect on production of drugs and nutrients from bacteria and yeast.

This Voices from DARPA episode features discussions with Dr. Andy Detor, program manager in DARPA’s Defense Sciences Office, as well as Dr. Anne Cheever, program manager in the Biological Technologies Office. Detor runs the Novel Orbital Moon Manufacturing, Materials, and Mass Efficient Design, or NOM4D program. Cheever heads up the Biomanufacturing: Survival, Utility, and Reliability beyond Earth, or B-SURE, program. While neither program is conducting manufacturing in space, both are supporting proof of concept studies to determine whether it might be feasible in the future.

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